Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reflection on the Orientation Camp

Hi all,

I'm back after my 2 days trip to Sarimbun Camp Site . It's very dirty and smelly over there at the camp site but we all had fun especially in the 'Milo' Pond which is actually called the Eco Pond but we called it the 'Milo' Pond because it has the same colour as Milo . In the camp , I learnt that teamwork is very important and each and everyone in the team is important . I also learnt that winning or losing is not important so as long you had tried your best . This pointers will help me when we fail to succeed and be a part of a team in everything we do .

If I had the chance to do the activities again , I would choose to do the high elements , because I would like to concur my fear of heights . If I had a chance to change about myself , I would like to be more cooperative with me team members as there is no I in a team . So that's all for today . Good Bye Folks :)

Si Yuan

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