Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Favourite online application

Actually out of so many online applications , my favourite is actually Google because i have been using Google for quite a long time and i actually find it's website pretty reliable . They have many important points needed for projects . So that's why i like using Google :)

The Digital Collage made with Picasa 3

Well this is the digital collage that i made using Picasa 3 . Although i'm not so familiar with Picasa 3 , i managed to do this digital college by learning it in watching the video posted in youtube . So , that might be the reason why it is not done so wonderfully . So thats all for now :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Places I went during the holiday (New Zealand)

During the holiday, i also went to New Zealand as my Aunt , my Uncle , and my cousin is living in New Zealand and i went over to visit them . The picture is also taken in New Zealand at Rotorua .

Places i went during the holiday (Malaysia , Genting Highlands)

During the holidays, i actually went to Genting Highlands for holiday as my family and i usually go there every school holiday as it is actually quite fun in Genting due to the fact that there are more than 2 Themeparks such as , indoor themepark and the outdoor themepark .

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How i will go to SST from my house

This is the route google map directed to me from my house to SST. It is quite a long route as i am staying in Simei which is at the East side of Singapore but SST is at Clementi which is at the west side of Singapore.

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The process of creating this blog

This is the second time i'm creating a blog using blogger but the first one was a total disaster. That time was like 2 years ago and i did not know how to use the blog . But this time is totally different , i followed the instructions given by the students blog and i managed to create this blog . This blog was totally different from the last one . At least this blog has some post but the last one does not even have a single post! Although it takes some time for me to create this blog, but i think it is really useful as it is like a diary where you can write anything you want in the diary but for us now we write it in the blog . I think blogging is a way of expressing your own feelings so it might be useful in learning how to express your feelings in SST.

How i felt when i received the confirmation letter

I posted this picture as i felt very shocked when i received the confirmation letter to enter School Of Science And Technology , Singapore . As i was not so confident about the results for the DSA test for SST, therefore i was very shock when i received the confirmation letter.