Monday, January 4, 2010

Personal Reflection for Bridge Building Activity

Hi ! This is me again here and this is my personal reflection about the Bridge Building Activity on 4 Jan 2010 . I actually have not much difficulties communicating with my friends in my group as we always come up with alot of interesting ways to settle problems for example , Voting is actually one of the way we use to settle the problems of who gets to be the project manager and the engineer and etc...
I am actually the project manager for my group and i was the one that thought of doing things simple as i do not like things to be complicated . We all should actually participate in most projects as when you participate in projects you might actually have good ideas but if you dun participate , people would not even know whether you have any good ideas useful to the project .
I actually learnt that teamwork is very important if you are working together with anyone else not only with your classmates .

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