Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The process of creating this blog

This is the second time i'm creating a blog using blogger but the first one was a total disaster. That time was like 2 years ago and i did not know how to use the blog . But this time is totally different , i followed the instructions given by the students blog and i managed to create this blog . This blog was totally different from the last one . At least this blog has some post but the last one does not even have a single post! Although it takes some time for me to create this blog, but i think it is really useful as it is like a diary where you can write anything you want in the diary but for us now we write it in the blog . I think blogging is a way of expressing your own feelings so it might be useful in learning how to express your feelings in SST.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Si Yuan

    Notice that you have not only put up several postings successfully, you have also inserted other gadgets! Hope you find much fun when exploring the blog platform.

    As you enhance the blog with different gadgets, you are going to find out other uses of blogs, apart from writing journals :D

    Enjoy the experience & discoveries :D